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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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needs the state is considering helping get fourth year doctors and nurses licensed earlier and accelerate that process to get them licensed. the state is working to get more personaluipment, ppe, get them at issue there and sending eight field medical systems to the somebody was suggesting a lot sooner. we're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem. >> mr. trump discussing the release of new drugs in new york
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that are set to be distributed tomorrow to combat this virus, and fema is distributing eight million of those n-95 masks across the country as well as surgical masks. this is all happening as bay area cases continue to mount. these are the latest numbers. 806 cases across the nine bay area counties. santa clara county still has the most cases up to 302 confirmed cases at this point. and now, we've learned that two milipitas firefighters have tested positive for covid-19. almeda county is reporting its first death now. >> as we begin week two of the shelter at home, we're all making adjustments in realtime, and some adjustments really need to be made asap. >> melissa colorado joins us in san francisco. and we can see people behind you, this is exactly the kind of thing the governor was just talking about. but he doesn't want people playing pickup games throwing balls to each other and being out so much so densely. >> reporter: we're not seeing
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that blatant socializing that we saw over the weekend. and mayor london breed was watching the news this weekend like many of you and she was not happy with the images she saw. people hanging out in groups, at the local park, at the local beach, like you mentioned, thankfully that's not the scene we are seeing here. we're seeing people working out, getting the endorphins in but they're maintaining their social distance. the mayor says she continues to see more people socializing in broad daylight, while the stay at home order is in place, and she says she may have no choice but to shut down all city parks. it's really the last thing that i want to do, so i want to ask, i want to plead to the people of our city, to comply with the order. >> reporter: don't ruin it for everybody. that's the warning san francisco mayor london breed had for all the people who came out in droves this weekend, to the city's parks and gathered in groups. >> you are putting lives at stake. you are putting public health in
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jeopardy. >> reporter: breed's blood may have been boiling when she saw video of people hosting picnics at parks. >> and what happens if it's your grandmother? what happens if it's your uncle? what happens if we don't have a bed for them to be in because they got sick? >> reporter: while the mayor considers shutting down park, city supervisors are moving ahead with a plan to rent out the city's vacant hotel rooms and fill them with thousands of homeless individuals who are living in packed shelters and out on the streets. >> the shelters are places where right now are unfortunately very dangerous in terms of the way that the virus spreads. >> reporter: the city supervisor hillary ronan says hotels have offered up 8500 rooms. who is taking them? homeless people most likely to die if they get infected with the coronavirus, as well as first responders who have either tested positive or were exposed and need a place to quarantine themselves. away from family. >> an hour matters.
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we cannot talk about this for the next week or two. >> reporter: 8500 hotel rooms might sound like a lot, but the city sprfbse, supervisors say they will need more and the executive order they believe gives the city the right to force hotels to hand over the keys to the empty rooms. they hope it doesn't come to that. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. some scramble at the hospital in san francisco, after two workers tested positive for covid-19. as a precaution, the hospital will relocate as many as 30 people. public health director says no patients are showing any symptoms at this point. this hope provides long term care for seniors and the disabled and the facility is on lockdown during the coronavirus. again, just a few minutes ago, governor newsom thanking president trump for his response in terms of the medical response here. today, a federal medical center is getting ready to open up in the bay area. right across the street from levi stadium, take a look, this
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is the santa clara convention center, coordinators from federal, state, and bay area emergency organizations, toured the facility to really begin the process of converting this big conference center, into a noncoronavirus patients, as well as nontrauma patient, the goal is to ease the crush of patients heading to our local hospitals. >> and using federal resources, we would be bringing in the bad, the pharmaceutical needs, the, bringing in the beds, the pharmaceutical needs, things like that to care for 250 people. >> there is no timetable yet for the conversion of the santa clara convention center but coming up on the 6:00 newscast, we will have new details on what the new medical center will look like and how it will operate. in hayward, hundreds showed up today at the new coronavirus testing set that opened up, not needing a doctor's note here. what you do need though is a fever. nbc bay area's marianne favre
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has more and is there not enough people who met the criteria or not enough time? >> reporter: it was because not enough people had a fever. it had to be 100.4 or higher. you can see a few cars are still lined up. what happens is that the health care workers are taking the temperature of the people who come here, while they're inside their vehicle. if they have a fever, then they can move on to get a free covid-19 test. >> outside a hayward fire station, a line of cars stretched for blocks. people waiting to find out if they can be tested for covid-19. others stood in line. step one for everyone, getting your temperatures taken. and that's when many learned they may not get a test today. >> if do you not have a temperature, of 100.4 or greater, even though you may still be feeling no symptom, you will not be tested. >> a hayward spokesman says one
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goal of the testing center is to provide first responders and health care providers quicker answers but one person was turned away because he had no fever. >> i was hoping to get tested because my partner was exposed to somebody who tested positive, and i'm also a physician, i work in san francisco, taking care of the homeless, and i wanted to make sure that i'm negative, so that i don't get other people sick. >> reporter: most people who showed up wore masks and kept their distance from others. this man waited for about two hours. >> there were many people coughing and i had a fever a couple of days ago. >> reporter: he believes she have been tested because he just returned from europe, has other symptoms and has asthma. those with a fever made it to the tent, where they received a free covid-19 test developed by a menlo park lab. now they have to wait 24 hours to find out if they have coronavirus.
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testing for today will continue until 6:00 tonight. and then free testing will also be available starting tomorrow morning at 9:00, here at fire station number seven. now, again, a reminder, you don't need a doctor's note. you don't need to live in hayward. but you do need to have a fever in order to be tested. reporting live in hayward, mary an favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. olympic dreams on hold. it appears likely that the 2020 games in tokyo will be pushed back. international olympic committee member dig pound told usa today that this summer's olympics are postponed. he says the games will likely be pushed back to 2021 but the detrails are still being worked out. the ioc will announce the next steps over the coming weeks. now nbc sports issued a statement about 30 minutes ago, and it say, quote, we are prepared to stand behind any decision made by the ioc, the japanese government and the world health officials with whom they are working regarding the tokyo olympics.
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coming up in the 6:00 news, we will talk to some olympic hopefuls who are putting their olympic dreams on hold after years of training for that shot at gold. there is a whole new respect and appreciation for grocery store workers, and now, more layers of protection for them, and the healthier they are, the better is for all of us. also, a pay raise. the long lines and panicked crowds that we're seeing at so many stores, it's tough to practice our social distancing, safeway is now stepping up its safety and cleanliness efforts, and are paying its employees $2 an hour more during this crisis. let's bring in nbc bay area jodi hernandez who joins us in concord and jodi, the grocery stores are a lifeline for us during this crisis. >> reporter: they really are, raj, i think everybody understands the important role our grocery stores and our workers are playing right now. tonight, stores like safeway are ramping up their efforts to keep employees and customers safe.
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>> what would we do without them? we'd be in a world of hurt if we didn't have our grocery stores open. >> that's how many shoppers say they feel about the checkers and grocery store workers on the front lines. men and women putting themselves at risk during the health crisis. >> grocery workers are under, you know, significant stress, working in the stores, they are also, you know, significant risk, with all of the interactions they have with the customers. >> as panicked shoppers continue to pack bay area grocery stores, the united food and commercial workers union is working with stores to step up safeguards. they say safeway has agreed to some sweeping new changes. they've begun installing plexiglass barriers at the registers. they've now taped off six foot markers to help people keep their distance while in line. and safeway is paying hazard pay. $2 more an hour. >> i think we should appreciate
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the work that they do, particularly in this very critical time of the pandemic. >> if you are healthy, have no underlying or chronic medical conditions -- >> healthy retirees are also getting called in to help meet the demand. rules have been relaxed to allow lem to work full time without impacting their pension. shoppers say they recognize the risk, and are grateful. >> i'm thankful that they're here. thankful that they're there. >> god bless them, you know. i'm hoping that everybody stays safe. >> reporter: now, safeway isn't the only store adding a hazard pay, both target and walmart have announced they are giving their workers a $2 an hour pay raise. meanwhile, safeway is actively hiring. they definitely need help. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we are very appreciative for all of those grocery store workers around the bay area. >> up next, a gilroy family lost a loved one to covid-19.
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how do you say your goodbyes in isolation? >> plus, on the subject of grocery stores, we're still seeing those long lines, still seeing the empty shelves. so exactly how many weeks of food do we really need? we're going to break down fema's new guideline next. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, tracking a cold blast of air and a chance of rain and we will show you how long it lasts before much warmer weather returns in about eight minutes.
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we've been sharing them with you so much, and the numbers just can be staggering, the number of people infected with covid-19, the number of people who have died from the virus, but the numbers don't tell the story of loss and pain and fear. a gilroy family is sharing their sadness with us tonight so we can all better grasp the severity of the pandemic. their loved one died last tuesday after testing positive for the covid-19, he had a cough and a headache, and he was sent home from the hospital and a doctor had him come back when his conditions persisted and placed in isolation, unable to go into his room, his family spoke to him during the final days thanks to nurses who put up a phone to his ear. >> i cannot get over the love and support that we're getting. just from customers.
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they're messaging me and saying how much they loved my dad. everyone loved my dad. he will be so missed. >> his family now has to self quarantine before having a funeral for the man they so loved. for the past few weeks, a marin county public health officer has been helping guide the county through this crisis. now, he's become the latest to be infected. >> my case is further proof that covid-19 is with us. that story will become increasingly common. all my symptoms are mild, as most people's will be but we also know for people, especially the elders the same illness can be life-threatening. >> the doctor recorded the message from his home and started feeling symptoms last week and self quarantined from his family. it is unknown how he got the virus but he was meeting with health care workers from across the bay area thvlgts is week two of the shelter at home. and the majority of our staff working outside of the building, and this week, that includes
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janelle wang. jessica? >> i'm back in the studio and janelle is reporting from home. hey, janelle, nice to see you. >> my first day working from home, it is a little crazy, and it's a little crazy, because i have just turned 4-year-old, so she doesn't understand why i'm at home and i'm not playing with her constantly. so i finally set up, we're good to go, the first thing we do every single morning, i want to show you our dauly routine is take our temperature, and we had a very good temperature today, we're all in the realm of i79d 97.3, 98, our morning routine and i left had w, left her with her you a pair and went to costco and i went before it opened at 9:00 a.m. and i stood in line, and it was very efficient, they had this barrier set up and then everybody goes through this barrier to get toilet paper and you only get one roll, and one thing of paper
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towels, and then as you can see, most people, that's what they picked up. toilet paper, paper towels, one per customer, and thendy my shopping, for my family, and my parents who are at home right now because they're not allowed to leave and and i want to show a picture of them because today we made a decision not to visit them anymore because they are older, they don't look old but they are older and we decided to keep our distance and i don't know if i've been running errands and at the tv station and my daughter running around outside so we kill -- so we will keep our my parents safe. and one more thing. at 7:00, we're going to make homemade hand sanitizer. we just did it. >> yes. >> it's for making your hands clean. >> exactly. >> yes. >> bye. >> bye-bye.
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>> okay, maybe the best part of our newscast. >> yes. >> for sure. >> just trying to get by with this. an update now on the story we brought you last night. that no touch drive-through grocery store, well, it's open. not necessarily a grocery store, but it's all of the essentials, this is at the restaurant in los gatos, the ceo says this is going to help people to get their essential groceries, like milk and eggs, and yes, toilet paper, the drive-through is in the parking lot of that flights restaurant, it is open seven days a week from noon to 7:00 p.m. very creative. and this is helpful as well. look who is joining us. first we had janelle and now we have chief meteorologist jeff ranieri working from home. miss seeing you guys. i was gone last week. so we haven't been in the same building at the same time, in at least a week and a half now. how is it going, jeff? >> i know, it's so strange. >> right? >> it is just odd. because we are a family, you know, outside of home, and it sounds maybe corny to some
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folks, but i do miss you guys, and it's so unusual, so bizarre, and a lot of folks are going through at home, waiting for the deliveries if we're able to get them, we had a few deliveries today, which is good, a few more groceries, but it definitely is odd. so let's go ahead and get you a little bit of normalcy here and show you the weather forecast and get you good to go the next seven days as we bring you into the microclimate forecast, we will start out with the camera view through concord, and we have some cloud cover continuing to linger, so if you have to go to the pharmacy, if you're headed out for essential, you're advised to stay home, but if you must leave, take your jacket. we will be be in the low 50s tonight. the big change we have coming our way as we head through this week it's all about this storm system that is dropping down, and it's going to bring some rain and a cold blast of air, as we head throughout the next two days, so that means for tomorrow morning specifically, we're down
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at 44 degrees, in the south bay, and tri-valley at 40 and notice the chance of showers beginning to return. over the east bay, 42. and san francisco, 46. and jacket weather, in the north bay, at 38. and if you are headed out early in the morning when you have some of the grocery stores for people 60 and older have opened early at times so if you're going out early in the north bay, definitely wear your layers. here's the deal. tomorrow morning, we have the scattered showers that will return, from the north bay, and right on down to the south bay. and as we head through the afternoon hours, it's going to be the same scenario, these on again, off again waves of rain and a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. now it is not a big storm system, but we are looking overall here, in the higher elevations, we could get around a quarter inch, for the south bay, and also the higher elevations of the east bay, and the north bay. but notice down in the valleys of the south bay, and a lot of the rest of the bay area, you're
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in this blue color. that's only .05 to .20 of an inch. expect a chance but not heavy rain. temperatures will be cold a lot colder than we've been used to. 55 in morgan hill. 57 san jose. over in the east bay, 54 in the area. 55 in pleasanton. and san francisco and the peninsula in the 50s from palo alto into downtown. here is the north bay, we have 53 in clear lake, and 55 in sonoma. my extended forecast, there is a chance of rain wednesday, and we will see a chance decrease on thursday, and dry on friday, and slight chance this weekend, and then by next monday, definitely some dry weather. so you can see on the inland valley forecast, we are going to go from the 50s, on wednesday, all the way up to 74 next monday, and by my count, that means day 14, inside for many of us with the covid-19, so that will be some big relief, and one last quick graphic, i know a lot of us are reaching for those
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hand wipes, but according to the cdc, world health organization, soap and water works best. so if you have that soap at home, that is going to be a lot better and save the wipes for maybe if you're in your car if you have to head out for essentials and you have them with you as well. so it's been an exciting day at my house, raj and jess, we were able to get a grocery order in so we're good for about another week. it was one of those things where you're waiting at the computer, no delivery, try again, nothing, nothing, we got one. so you know, we're just kind of getting through it, like everyone else here at home. >> we have heard that, it is three to five days depending what service you're using but glad you finally got it. >> good to see you, my friend. coming up, the smart technology that some bay area medical workers are wearing. tv just keeps getting better.
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the truth is we're all working to adjust to our new normal and that includes going to the grocery store, trying to navigate those empty shelves and figuring out what you should and shouldn't be buying. tonight in our coronavirus epicenter, we're looking at new guidelines for how many groceries for how many weeks? >> one week is what is recommended. and a lot of families can't afford to stock ip and stores need time to restock the shelves. right now, there are no nationwide short annuals of, shortages of food but the inventory may be low. and the fda is monitoring so americans can have food on their table. and reporting, how people are doing good and doing positive things.
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our new custom in these troubled times, we want to end on something good. >> there's a new and tech savvy way to keep medical workers safe and the clock in these dangerous condition, at least 2,000
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emergency medical staff at ucsf and general, will be wearing an ring, to track body temperature and signs of an early onset of covid-19. that will do it for us at 5:00. we will see you again at 6:00. tonight, the dire new warnings on the coronavirus. emergency. the surgeon general sounding the alarm about what's to come as u.s. cases top 40,000 >> i want america to understand this week, it's going to get bad. >> the world health organization saying the pandemic is accelerating more than one in three americans now under stay at home orders but some beaches and attractions still packed hazmat crews scrubbing down public areas and the growing pressure to postpone the olympics after countries refuse to compete. also tonight, where are the masks and protective gear? desperate pleas on the front lines.


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